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title Notices before Surgery
Name Optima date 2012-04-16

Check Point

1. Starting from three days before surgery, you must not take any type of medicine (aspirin, oriental medicine, vitamin supplements, nutritional supplements, hepatic medicine). (Only medicine for blood pressure, diabetes, anemia should be taken continuously.)

2. If your surgery is in the morning, you should fast from midnight of the previous day, and if it is in the evening, from 6am on that day. If food is left in the stomach, it could induce vomiting that would lodge food particles in the lung during anesthesia which could then cause pneumonia.

3. Usually, surgery would be performed under general anesthesia, sleep anesthetic for blood vessel, and intercostal anesthesia to minimize pain during surgery. Surgery takes about 2~3 hours and it is possible to leave the hospital on the same day.

4. On the day of surgery, clothes with a front opening are more convenient to wear after surgery.

5. It is good to be accompanied by a guardian, but if visiting alone, driving is dangerous after surgery, so have somebody else drive you. It is possible to move but it is dangerous and bleeding may occur after surgery.

6. Do not bring accessories or any other valuables.

7. On the date of surgery, take a bath with soap and shampoo before coming to the clinic and do not apply any make up.

8. Armpit hair, which is the closest to the area of surgery, should be removed (the surgical part-armpit).




It is quite natural for patients to feel a little nervous the day before surgery. However, it is possible to reduce this anxiety by being well informed about the procedure. The doctor will inform you on how to prepare for surgery, but the most important and basic thing is to keep your stomach empty. Resist all temptation to drink coffee or coke even if you find it difficult to wake up in the morning


Doctors will also recommend that you prepare food for the next few days after surgery beforehand. Soda or beverages without carbonic acid, snacks like crackers or bread are all good. Elevating your blood sugar levels will make you feel better.


If you require medicine right after surgery, attain them in advance.


Notices on the day of surgery            


You should prepare everything that you need for the day of surgery; these notices are different from doctor to doctor and hospital to hospital.

Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic recommends that you find a guardian to accompany you to ensure quick recovery and a safe trip home on the same day. If a guardian is not available, please be advised that you should not bring a vehicle to the hospital on your own expecting to drive after surgery. 

The hospital has a system in place to help in the safe return home of patients without a guardian, so please come to the hospital with ease of mind.

As for clothes, we suggest wearing a zip up of some kind. Any pullover type shirt or sweater is very inconvenient for after surgery.