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title Breast management after augmentation surgery
Name optima date 2011-11-03

Checking progress (consultation with doctor)

If you do not visit hospital to check the progress, then doctor cannot give you proper treatment.

The schedule to visit hospital to check the progress depends on doctor. In our case, we recommend to see doctor within two days after surgery, three weeks, three months, one year and once per every two year. In addition, you can visit whenever if there is question or problems.

The biggest problem of patients with breast augmentation surgery ignores to visit hospital to check the progress. “I am doing well. There is no matter, so there is no need to waste time to see the doctor.” You may think like above, but it is wrong. Though it is daily, if you visit, then doctor can help you to heal and if problems occur, then it is possible to find earlier. Visit to check the progress is a part of breast augmentation surgery, so there are no expenses separately. If you are doing very well, but accept the efforts of doctor who can care you well.

Support of breast

To support breast in some degree is less sagged than not to support at all.

The degree of sagging (period and degree) would be differentiated according to your breast, size of implants, age and how it supports breast.

As breast is slopping more, it would be sagged faster. When you do activities that breast is slopping, please support your breast.

Primarily, breast is supported by breast skin, as getting older, skin would be thinner and it would be hard to support. As implants are bigger or original breast is bigger, breast weights more and skin would be pulled and sagged more due to gravity, so breast would be sagged.

As time passes, it is impossible to avoid the phenomenon which breast is sagging due to gravity, but possible to weaken. If breast which becomes sagging due to gravity that skin gets during doing activities would be supported, then it is possible to weaken its degree when sagging phenomenon is starting. However, if you do not wear bra at all, then what would be happened? You can see it by looking the picture of women who lives in the place that do not wear bra at all. It is impossible to avoid to be getting aged. However, it is possible to delay that breast would be sagged if breast would be supported just one time.

It is good to wear bra when you exercise which makes your breast slopping. If necessary, even two. If your breast is slopping, it gives stress to bottom of skin of breast, so breast becomes more sagging at high speed. It is good to wear bra in some degree except for exercise. But there is no need to wear bra all the time.

Self diagnosis of breast

Self diagnosis of breast is very important to women. Breast cancer is first rank of female breast of Korea, its occurrence ratio is gradually increasing, and self diagnosis does very important role to diagnose earlier and treat. Ask how to diagnose to obstetrician and gynecologist or plastic surgeon. And do diagnose by yourself before two weeks the period every month.

For implants are behind the breast tissue not between, so it does not hinder to do self diagnosis. Every breast tissue is located in front of implants, so it is possible to diagnose by oneself or doctor. Actually, unless it becomes hardened seriously due to capsular contracture, rather doctors feel that examination is easier when implants are inserted.

After inserting implants, then breast would be felt different. If you are thin as ribs are felt, then you can feel part of implants in breast. After about three month when swelling was reduced, ask doctor how can feel (touch) boundary of implants of the outside or down of breast. Once if you can feel it by dividing implants, then you can distinguish with abnormal thing in your breast.

Breast cancer screening (mammogram)

Patients who got breast augmentation surgery should get mammogram test at the place with human resources and latest facilities which have optimal technology for patients of breast augmentation surgery.

If the place to get mammogram test tell you about negative words for breast augmentation surgery, then you should find another place. They are not accustomed to proper technique to handle patients who got breast augmentation surgery.

According to each doctor, the recommendation for mammogram is different. In our case, we recommend to get mammogram before getting breast augmentation surgery regardless age of patients surely. After about one year after surgery, change would be ceased and new limiting line formed by implants getting its place, and then we recommend getting mammogram again whenever patients would be felt comfortable. Therefore, if you are over 40 years old, then according to recommendation of plastic surgeon or gynecologist or obstetrician, you should get test per every year or every two years. In case that there are factors to increase occurrence ration of breast cancer like family history, it could be necessary for mammogram test more frequently.

Recreation and exercise

Implants do not limit recreation or exercise in certain form.

We have been performed breast augmentation surgery of sports players in various kinds of jobs. Tennis, body building, driving racing car, basketball etc. Most of sports players have less body fat and thin tissue, so most of surgeries were performed with the method to insert under the muscle partially. Though they got inserting surgery under the muscle, those sports players did not miss anything. You are same, too.

Implants could be ruptured due to very strong shock in theory. Implants could be ruptured due to several serious injuries or serious car accidents. However, the pressure is much stronger than general exercises, so it is possible to see that it is safe for general recreation or exercise.

Durability, rupture, contraction

There is no need to pay attention to implants. Which kind it is, it can win general and dynamic activities.

Though there are any problems would be occurred for rupture or contraction of implants, you should meet qualified doctor.

If a doctor knows how to treat it well, then rupture or contraction of implants are not special matters.

Current latest implants are very strong and has high durability than you think. To test strength of anatomical saline solution implants of McGhan, so a person stood up on it with the whole weight by filling implants, but implants was not ruptured. Nevertheless, matter could be happened to the shell of implants, the most of reasons are it is folded for it is less filled. However, sometimes there are problems of disorder of valve or manufacturing matters. Due to shock of high energy, implants could be ruptured, but to give damage to implants due to strong physical movements or sexual relationship is impossible before to give damage to your body first. McGhan guarantees implants lifelong, so if there is a matter to implants, it is not real matter but rather annoying thing.

We tell that the rupture of implants is rather annoying thing. If the situation to replace implants, as for any saline solution implants, surgery would be ended by 15 minutes and if it is silicone implants, then 30 minutes. In addition, there is no inconveniences that patient can feel actually after surgery. The bothering things are documents in need, and preparation and examinations which are necessary before surgery and making guarantee of implants. In case to perform breast augmentation surgery to replace implants, surgical expenses do not claim. Guarantee of McGhan is done to pay all expenses within ten years. Therefore, you need to pay expenses of operating room and anesthesia expenses only.

Surgeries to replace of ruptured silicone gel implants of patients who do not get surgery to correct capsular contracture or saline solution implants which is more complicated than that are easy and ordinary thing to specialists. In case that breast is too hardened for capsula around implants was formed too strongly or serious shrink, the method which was used by some doctors is to rectify this by holding breast strongly. This method is attractive to patients who do not want surgery, but pain could be felt seriously and it could induce bleeding or complications. In addition, there is no guarantee to rectify hardened breast completely. To make breast softer, it is the method to get injury to hardened capsula around implants. If this method was not used before, in case of silicone gel implants, silicone would be wrapped by capsula if silicone is leaked. A case that to reduce gel is complicated is the case that gel is mixed to breast tissue by gel is pushing outside of capsula by getting correction of capsular contraction.

New latest cohesive gel anatomical implants manufactured by McGhan does not matter that the leak of gel though the shell of implants was ruptured. Cohesiveness of gel is very strong, so it is impossible to take out gel out of shell if shell would be cut.

When do not know what to do whatever, and then things would be difficult. Therefore, you must avoid entrusting things to a person who do not know how to do that thing.