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title Breast augmentation FAQ
Name optima date 2011-11-03

What is breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most frequent surgeries in plastic surgery. Breast would be augmented by putting silicone (cohesive) gel bag or saline solution bag under the breast, this insertion feels soft by making to have similar touch to actual breast tissue.

As for this surgery, to get satisfied results, it is important to make balance with body line, elastic and natural touch and adequate size and shape as well as richness of breast.

How about the surgical process?

Mostly, breast insertion would be put under the breast after adding incision of 3-4cm to armpit or under the breast or around areola under general anesthesia, the size of breast insertion of incision area is determined due to judge of doctor and wish of patients in advance and the patient come to leave hospital on the same day.

Is it safe that the breast implants?

Among many people who want to do breast plastic surgery, many people hesitate due to safety problems of breast insertion. This is due to safety discussion for silicone breast insertion used in the past, the thing revealed in the present, it is verified that silicone breast insertion has no direct relation with breast cancer, and it was pointed that it hindered early discovery of breast cancer, but with the development of breast filming technique, so it is known that there is no inconveniences in the present.

In addition, it was proposed that the possibility to induce connective tissue diseases, but these diseases is very rare to Korean people, and there is no clear evidence that silicon reduces connective tissue diseases until now. Only, in case that silicone bag is ruptured, silicone gel would be spread in body, and it is impossible to remove completely, and it is admitted that it can hinder early discovery of breast cancer.

However, since 1992, USA FDA prohibited breast insertion by using silicone gel and according to that, in USA and Korea, silicone gel breast insertion is prohibited principally, only in Europe, it is used restrictively. In the present, saline solution bag which is filled salt water of 0.9% which is same concentration of body fluid of human becomes general trend, this product is officially approved that it is safe to human body.

In addition, cohesive implants is a kind of silicone gel, it has cohesive ability and memory ability like buckwheat jelly, so it does not leak to outside and it was developed by INAMED of USA in 1993, natural touch is the most powerful strength.

By getting approval for implants of Mentor and McGhan (INAMED) from FDA of USA in November 2006, so it is used legally by getting official approval from many countries such as USA, Europe, Japan etc. Currently, in Korea, as the date of July 19, 2007 as starting point, products of two companies were approved as legal import item by KRDA, so the turning point to get better surgical results was prepared by providing wider range of option to patients.

Though shell of implants which wrap gel is worn out, the contents do not leak, so the size of breast does not reduce, so it is recommended to test MRI per two years to check whether the shell of implants is worn out or not.

Even today, researches for breast insertion are continued, and many people make their efforts to develop better breast insertion.

Is it possible to do breast feeding after Surgery?

Insertion of breast implants has no relation with mammary gland, so it is possible to do normal breast feeding.

Some says that breast would be hardened.,,

The most frequent complications to be worried after breast surgery is contracture phenomenon that breast would be hardened.

This phenomenon is formed from about 5% of patients; it is formed due to causes such as infection after surgery or hematoma, inappropriate massage etc.

If you got massage appropriately after surgery after selecting proper breast implants, that is nothing too much worry. However, after contracture was occurring, breast would be hardened and come to have round shape like a ball, so it should be released by reoperation.

Is there other complications?

Like all other surgeries, there are cases to be infected or that blood is gathered in the surgical areas after surgery.

However, these complications are occurring very rarely, and could be accompanied after all surgeries, so there is no need to worry.

In case of periareolar incision, the sense of nipple could be dull or sensitive but it would be recovered after several months.

There are cases that scar would be seen ugly according to physical constitution, it is easy to hide and in case that it is really ugly, scar surgery would be performed after six months,

Breast implants are made under complete observation and it is checked one more time in surgery, there are cases to be leaked or burst very rarely, the substances in implants are harmless to human body, so it is done by replacing implants.

How about size and shape of breast?

Breast is looked bigger by swelling after surgery, but it would be restore its original size after about six weeks.

In addition, in case to gain weight or lose weight, it would be changed a little like before surgery and breast would be sagged when aging. That is, it would show change of normal breast.

How does it become after surgery?

Normal life is possible by removing suture and after one week after surgery. Right after surgery, you should wear bra without wire and breast is bigger by swelling right after surgery, so it is good to delay to buy new bra after four weeks.

It is good to do excessive exercise after six weeks, and in case of running like jogging, there are cases to wear special bra for sports. Massage after surgery would be done for six-eight months.

It is good to check if there are lumps by visiting general surgery clinic or your breast regularly after surgery.

Some says that implants should be replaced per every 10 years after breast surgery, is it true?

Breast implants are not produced in Korea and uses products of Europe or USA. It seems like that it is misrepresented understanding that the expiration date of these products is 10 years, the period of ten years is symbolic period of implants manufacturing company and in normal case, there is no case to do reoperation after surgery. That is, there is no need to replace for lifelong time.

If does it touched a lot or bumped after breast surgery, is it possible to be burst?

There are cases to pay attention excessively even not to touch a lot by being afraid to be burst after breast surgery. In case of breast implants, it does not burst if a truck passes on it. Only, it could be burst by sharp materials such as needle etc, so it should be careful breast surgery etc.

In breast augmentation surgery, the pain is serious?

Breast augmentation surgery is belonging to relatively painful surgery among plastic surgery. Therefore, serious pain keeps about 3-4 days, and after 1-2 weeks after surgery, it alleviates a lot. After two weeks, it is possible to do exercise in some degree.

How about the relation with breast cancer in breast augmentation surgery?

As for bag of silicone contents in the past, it was caught up in legal action in USA before several years, but it is reported that it has no relationship with breast cancer in the theses announced continuously. In addition, silicone bag is used legally in some areas of Europe.