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Risks and problem solving principles

 (Box) Basic risks and problem solving principles of breast augmentation surgery

The problems which are belonging to dangerous range medically is in appropriate situation that is occurring right after surgery. These problems could be very serious, so you should thought deeply and understand about every medical dangerous before getting augmentation surgery.

Basic risk related to breast augmentation surgery

1. Every breast augmentation surgery is dangerous naturally.

2. Complications are not the things that you or doctor can prevent.

3. If you cannot accept and understand the potential risks and price that would be occurred in surgery and convalescence period completely, then do not get surgery.

If you come to know the risk in surgery for the first time, then you should what is dangerous completely. Second, ask the doctor how often these risks are occurring. Though it is the risk to be heard very seriously, but it is occurring once among 100,000 people, then you should know it logically, but there is no need to be worried too much.

In other words, make efforts to see the risk objectively. How it is bad, what is the result that could like to be occurred and how often does it happen?

Now, you will learn basic things from here, but you should ask three questions as following always.

Three questions to ask doctor always

1. What is this risk exactly?

2. What are the results according to this?

3. Actually, how often does that problems or risks are occurring?

It would be appeared as proportion (%) for the risk that certain problems or complications are occurring. For example, the probability that symptom which bloods is gathering in inserting space (hematoma) would be appeared is about 2%.

This means that this problem is occurring from 2 persons among about 100 people.

When determine to get augmentation surgery or not by considering risk factors, it is logical to consider the worst situation always. You should check that the quoted factor was average numerical value which was reported in medical book (average according to wide scientific research). The risk numerical value induced due to wide scientific research helps to estimate the worst situation compared to numerical value based on individual experiences of doctor.

Principles of problem solving! Cope with the problems!

  1. The best method to cope with problems is to cope immediately.

  2. There is no doctor who wants unhappy patients. Have a consultation with a doctor.

3.  Unless knowing that there are problems, then the doctor cannot solve the problems.

4.  Most of good doctors would suggest listening to other opinions.

5.  Do not hesitate to ask.

The best method to handle the problem is to respond it immediately.

Every patient and doctors do not want that problems are occurred. But when problems are occurring, it would be better to respond faster. It is good to accept many brains and experiences opinions that everybody can understand better as much as possible.

The doctor who wants that patients do not satisfy could not survive. Open the window to exchange opinions. It is impossible to solve problems unless that doctor has problems.

Most of good doctors would suggest listening to other opinions. Do not hesitate to ask other doctors.

After surgery, the team should be maintained well. And have a conversation with a doctor continuously. Accept problems, discuss about alternatives and if necessary, ask other opinions and decided together. For any reason, in case that you do not understand the doctor or the doctor does not understand you, keep the good relationship with the doctor, but ask other helps. In the hostile relationship, there is nothing to gain.

Principles to repeat

For the events that happened to you, you have partial responsibility.

If problems happen, the worse thing could be happened than to remove implants.

If problems occurred twice to you or same problem would be occurred double times, then implants should be removed. Without it, you should not complain later. If problems happen, then find many information and medical opinions and use general common senses.