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Based on correct information and precise knowledge, the hard trip to have beautiful breast should be started. However, by making approaching by stages like below, you can get the results of successful breast augmentation surgery before you knew it. The next picture is drawing of stages for beautiful breast. Each stage is like one stairs, and each stairs is divided into four parts, so it is approaching for breast augmentation surgery logically.

Step1. Surely, breast augmentation surgery would be considered or not?

To determine to consider breast augmentation surgery, information is necessary. You can see selection and facts from part 1. If it is difficult to accept that fact, do not waste time any more.

Step2. If you learn necessary things, then you can make good decision.

Most of patients do not know what should be considered breast augmentation surgery; it is necessary for knowledge before having consultation with doctor. After having knowledge, it is important to use your time and money to have consultation with doctor. In the status without proper preparation, consultation is worthless. You should know which questions are necessary, to discern which is excessive advertisement and fact and how to judge the doctor in consultation.

Step3. Consultation with doctor and decision

From part 3, you would learn the method to get ideal result through consultation, to realize what you want before meeting doctor, judge and accept the information from the doctor, to select specialist who is proper and with reliability.

Step4. Preparation for final decision and surgery and convalescences

At last, you will examine what you learned until now comprehensively. Part 4 will help to make final decision such as doctor, implants, location to insert, location to incise, determination of surgical time etc. You will learn the best method to prepare new breast that you will have in the future, symptoms during convalescent period and prepare surgery physically psychologically and financially after making decision.

TIP. Our goal is to help the process to gain ideal breast that you want.

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, we want you know the fact that we want to provide information based on experiences as a medical team that performed patients of breast augmentation surgeries, and to help you as much as possible. The thought to share knowledge and experiences that we know will help you.

Step by step

2) 9 Steps for better breast augmentation

1Step. Expectation for surgical results

To make patient happy, the result which can get through the progress and plastic surgery and expectation of patient would be same.

For example, it is impossible that a patient who is very thin wants to insert abnormally big implants without considering one’s own physique practically. Sometimes, it is possible to put big implants into small bag of space behind the breast muscle by force, but many cases come to be occurred side effects as time passes. When cosmetic doctor responds the request of patient with unrealistic expectation, the patient should endure long pain while the pleasure is short.

2Step. Breast size after surgery

It is not easy to determine artificial breast in the most adequate size. Cosmetic specialist comprehends the location of breast in the whole body, location of nipple, shape of chest, size of chest and breast, whole physique of patient, examine if there is asymmetric part and check other variables and skin elasticity at the same time. With gel implants in new form, cosmetic specialist can control the shape of breast completely.

In addition, it is possible to make flaccid breast elastically not to rely on surgery which lifts nipple. Actually, to the patient with small physique, the implants for the patient are looked like big implants for the patient with big physique. Therefore, patients should not obsess the weight and size of implants that they want. The optimal size is looked as the size which is proper for the patients and put in the space which is made through surgery. Several experts consider the weight of the biggest implants which can be performed is 350g. As the implants are bigger, it pulls skin excessively, and it can cause that tissue which covers breast becomes thinly, or shrunk and phenomenon to sag breast rapidly.

There is something that patients who want to get valley line between breasts should keep in mind. Any implants it would be, when it should be performed, the nipple should be performed to be located on the center of breast. If the nipple is toward outside naturally, it is impossible to get breast curves line which are always dramatic through procedure. You should keep it in mind that the nerve bundle of nipple is cornered outside of breast and main artery flows in the boundary of breast. Specialist should keep it in mind that this important composition of tissue.

3Step. Shape of implants

It is the tendency that preference for gel implants in the cohesive shape is increasing. This is for it is looked more natural and bigger appearance than general round implant in the same size.

4Step. Kinds of implants

The matter of stability for silicone has verified. Artificial breast in new type is made of gel of high density which is made not to be leaked.

The price category of silicone implants is similar than implants which is filled with saline bag, but the feeling and movements are more natural.

The interesting fact is silicone is one of the most frequent elements, and it is found naturally through human body.

5Step. Anesthesia

Breast augmentation surgery would be performed in the status that patient is inserted sedative and under local anesthesia safely. However, rather, many patients preferred general anesthesia, this helps that surgery would be performed naturally. The speeds to recover that patients inserted sedative and patients under general anesthesia are similar.

6Step. Selection of incision area

Selection of incision depends on many factors. However, new gel implants are inserted by making price from the bottom part of breast through small incision about 5cm. The most of incision area would be unnoticed well. Incision surgery makes that doctor could do complete control, and make it possible to see the location of breast bag and shape of breast.

7Step. Location to insert implants

In case that tissue covers the upper part of breast of patients is thin, it is preferred to insert implants behind a pectoral muscle. It is possible to hide boundary of upper part of implants by this method. If, this tissue could be picked up within 2cm, it is the mark that this surgery is possible.

In other cases, it is recommended to insert implants right behind the tissue of breast in front of muscle. This method is easy to make shapes and lift breast more effectively compared to other methods. When implants are located behind the muscle, it is impossible that muscle would be exposed along with breastbone. In addition, the surgical time is a little longer and it could cause a little more inconveniences after surgery. However, the probability that potential problems like shrinking phenomenon of mucocutaneous per each location exists similarly.

8Step. Selection of specialist of plastic surgery

You should cosmetic doctor to perform your surgery with careful attention. Some doctors record high reoperation ratio compared to other doctors. In many cases of cosmetic specialists, you should remember that breast augmentation might not be their special area.

9Step. Convalescent process and notices

The recovery of breast augmentation surgery is pretty quick, but there is need to keep notice after surgery always. The first week is the most important. In my experiences, most of patients would return to their daily lives within few days. Unexpected pain is rare, and most of cases, it would be settled easily.