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title Essential information before surgery >Seven basic requiremen
Name optima date 2011-11-03

1. Consultation is most important part in breast augmentation surgery than actual surgical procedures.

It is true that there are several types of breast which are not to perform surgery, but most of cases, actual surgeries are relatively easy. The difficult thing is to make progress consultation. As well as to explain complications which could be occurred well easily, the doctor should help patients to have confidence to get good results.

2. The most elements to have powerful influence on appearance of patients after surgery is to show their expected appearance of them in advance before surgery.

In this reason, to patients, many patients’ pictures before and after surgery which have similar breast with them would be shown.

This method is convinced that the best method to expect the most realistic result by patient.

3. The worst surgery is formed by mistakes during consultation process not from mistakes during surgery.

Examination after listening to what patients want, then it is possible to do consultation that the thing they want is possible or not and then which would be possible. And then, it is possible to tell patients which kind of implants are most proper.

4. Tear-drop implants should be selected with care.

That cosmetic doctor do not make space bag for implants too much, it should be avoided to turn implants right after surgery. However, it is possible that rotation could be occurred after several years. And this is not occurred from a certain surgical defect.

Surface of every implant has form of thin film or capsule. Usually, this is for that implants would fit for the wall of space bag and not to be turned, too. However, sometimes, human body responds by making two capsules. One is to fix implants, and the other is to fix wall of space bag. Between two films there is no connector. Therefore, sometimes implants are turning. If implants are round, the rotation could be confirmed with the naked eye, so there is no problem.

If the rotated implants would be put on the right place, it is sure that it would rotate again, so there is no method but to remove implants or replace with round implants. Of course, rotation is not occurring from all patients who used tear-drop type implants. However, I have seen lots of cases like this, so I do not recommend tear-drop type.

5. Round implants have no need to be seen round.

Round implants have different round degree respectively. They are divided into size of protrusion and diameter. If round implants of 300g would be seen or told, it could be made of big diameter and small protrusion which would be seemed more widely and flat. These implants are told that the height is low or sides are in the medium size. Instead, there are implants which are made bigger protrusion and small diameter which is stickier out type and is seemed more rounds. This is told that side is high. Only, for that the side of implants are high, throw away the thought that it would be women with big breasts or shapes like balls.

6. Forget the size. Just think about the area.

Generally, as the bigger the implants that you choose, the risk of side effects is increasing. However, in the fixed size, as the diameter of implants is wider, the risk is increasing.

From both sides, nerves bundle is entered into space bag. Therefore, as the space bag to accept big implants are bigger, the degree of risk that nervous would be damaged is increasing. Some breasts are on the risk that phenomenon that breasts are folded double times. This means that new folding line is made by implants on the folded part originally which is bottom of your breast. If your breast type is on the risk of these side effects, you should recognize this clearly, and choose implants with small wide not to be occurred phenomenon that is folding double times.

7. Which is better place of location of implants? Behind the breast muscle or in front of?

There is no optimal place uniformly for all patients. It would be best to see when it is behind the muscle for some patients and the opposite would be the best for some. But there are exceptions. Generally, as the patients are in thin physiques and have less breast tissue, they could get best results when implants are located behind the muscle more and more. They can reduce risk to be seen uneven and are seemed to be more natural.

If the patients have more breast tissues, and especially have phenomenon of sagging breast, maybe they can get the best results when implants are place in front of the muscle. If the patients with this type of breast would get surgical procedure to put implants behind the muscle, her breast tissue would be sagged separated from implants still. This is called snoopy phenomenon.

Some patients get best effect due to special technique of ‘Dual Plane’. This is the surgery that half of implants are put in front of breast muscle and other half is put behind the muscle. The patients who have many breast tissues which are slightly sagging and are exposed to risk of snoopy phenomenon, and thin and tight tissue which has risk to be show uneven need the technique of ‘dual plane’. If your doctor suggest that clear location to you, ask the reason and check it with the correct reason or just that the doctor recommended to all patients simply.