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title Incision area for me> Axillary incision
Name optima date 2011-11-03

Axillary incision takes the highest ratio among them.

This method has lots of strengths such as leaving scar on the armpits, so scar is less noticed and there is no scar on the breast area, no problem to do breast feeding in case to put implants and reduce capsular contracture etc, especially it is loved in Asia widely, but in case to correct sagging breast at the same time, the surgery would be difficult to do by axillary incision only.

On the contrary, periareolar incision is suitable in case of breast which needs correct line under the breast, and the scar of incision does not noticed specially, but it has weaknesses that sometimes incision area could be tinted or secondary scar would be occurred, so it could be noticed rather, and it could be exposed to germs due to damage of ductus lactiferi, so it has a little higher occurrence ration of capsular contracture.

Incision of wrinkle under the breast is seldom used in Korea, it has strengths that various operations for breast shape are easy and surgery is fast. Therefore, it is good for reoperation or parallel with other surgery.

Once umbilical incision was popular, but it has far distance from surgical area, so it could be damaged on the abdominal tissue and possible to insert only saline solution bag, and pain has no special difference with other methods.

Every scar is unnoticed well, and there is no difference with surgical results according to incision method, so to determine location of incision is option of patients.

As for model or dancer has lots of exposure of armpit, so they preferred periareolar incision, and ordinary women prefer axillary incision not to want to leave scar on the breast. Like this, incision line is free option related to life style of patients, so experienced specialist can use every incision line freely, and there is no difference according to each incision line.

Every women can get damage (stretch mark or scar due to test) on breast some time. The scar with well treated would be less noticed compared to these damages and if breast is beautiful, then who would notice the scar and pay attention to it?

In addition, if your friend got surgery with certain incision area only, it does not mean the best choice to you. Most of cases, it has no relation ever.

In very seldom cases, certain incision area would be recommended in case of deformity, but if that problem would be happened, without hesitation, “because your breast has problems, so certain incision area would be better to perform your surgery. I expect to have good results” would be told to patients.

However, mostly, it is recommended that incision area would be selected by patients. If doctors have experiences to perform surgery with every incision area, then the doctor does not recommend one thing especially than others and instead, the doctor would inform all incision that patients can select.

*Strengths of axillary incision

Though you are lifting your arms completely before the red color is disappeared by scar is completely disappearing, incision line seems like normal wrinkle. When the scar would be completely healed, mostly, it is hard to discern scar in the status to lift arms. Another strength of axillary incision is that the breast sensitivity is easy to maintain. Actually, there are differences according to people to keep sensitivity, and it would have deeper relationship with size of implants or incision status.

In addition, there are strengths to minimize damage of nerves and blood vessels and it is possible to replace implants later in short time.

However, there are cases that inserted material is lift to upper part of the breast by pulling after surgery, so it needs suppressive correction of armpit area after surgery, and it should be pay attention when doing massage,

*Weaknesses of axillary incision

Axillary incision in the past secured space to insert implants without confirmation with naked eye by using several dull equipments by doctor after incising armpit. However, now, with development of endoscope technology, doctor can perform surgery more precisely by checking inner part of body with screen.

Advent of modern endoscope, doctor can make space to insert precisely by looking without cutting off tissue with dull equipments in the status which is not seen. This minimizes bleeding, maximizes preciseness and reduces convalescent period.

Axillary incision augmentation surgery performed with endoscope increases preciseness while increases surgical hours. The fact that it takes more time means that it takes more expenses, but the risk related to surgery does not increase.

Axillary incision by using endoscope requires technique compared to periareolar incision or incision under the breast, and for some doctors, it is difficult technique to acquire. If you want axillary incision, you should check that doctor has experiences of using endoscope not to be incised in the status which is dull and unseen.

> Application of strengths and weaknesses of Incision area for me

Incision Area





Scar is hided from armpit.

There are no inconveniences to do breast feeding.

The sensitivity of nipple is easy to preserve.

There is limitation in the surgical view.

 (It could be solved by using endoscope)

It is the method which is used in Asia most frequently.


It is the center incision to insert implants, so it is easy to desquamate.

It is convenience in cases which need correction such as sagging breast, mismatched breast etc.

It has high possibility to be exposed to germs.

It has possibility that sensory nerves of nipple could be damaged.

Sometimes, the incision area could be tinted.

It is used in case of sagging breast or reoperation.

Line under the breast

It is good to secure view, so surgery is most convenient and time is short.

It is easy that scar would be seen when lying.

It is necessary for cases of some reoperation and to parallel other surgeries.

Umbilical incision

Scar is far from the breast.

Desquamation of area of the wrinkle line under the breast is insufficient.

Only saline solution implants are possible to perform surgery.

In case that the distance between nipple and under wrinkle is long and breast muscle is thick in some degree.

> TIP Status of Optima for the incision area in breast augmentation surgery

-Most of patients are worrying too much for incision area before surgery compared to concerns for breast shape which would have after surgery.

-If it is incised, it would be noticed. However, if your breast is beautiful, both of you and others do not have concern for the location of incision.

-Every patient thinks that the incision area that they chose is the best choice.

-The explanation for incision area by doctor is the major method to cover their abilities excessively. If a doctor exaggerated a certain incision area is the best without doubt and he is the expert on the area, and then you should leave the doctor. Any incision location would not be the best of all shapes of breast, and it could mean that the doctor does not know to perform surgery with other incision location.

-If a doctor has experiences to perform surgeries with every location of incision, then the doctor can explain the strengths and weaknesses for every location of incision.

-If you come to listen to negative opinion for a certain location of incision from a certain doctor or patient, it means that both of the doctor and patient do not have many experiences for the location of incision.

- Any incision location would not be the best always. Every location has its own strengths and weaknesses respectively.

> Incision area for me > Periareolar incision

In case of sagging breast, it is the method to get very good surgical result in case of specific situations such as mismatched breast, reoperation etc or accompanied deformities of chest.

However, in case that areolar diameter is less than 3cm, it is difficult to get good results.

Skin around areolar is the place which scar is not noticed well due to it is healed well, but sometimes, area around areola is tinted or secondary incision scar formed, so you come to see scar whenever you are looking your breast.

* Strengths of periareolar incision

Scar around areola is the most noticed part in the breast, but the status of scar is good, then there is no problem. However, in case that the status is not so good (it is impossible to know that the status of scar would be good or not), it becomes problems.

The thing that skin of nipple or areola is healed well is true, but if the treatment does not well, then you come to see the scar whenever you are looking your breast.

Another strength is that approach on each part of breast from the center of incision area is easy.

However, actually, specialist can approach every part of breast by securing direct view from any incision location (except for umbilical incision).

*Weaknesses of periareolar incision

In case that areola is very small, if it would be expanded to the skin of breast, then the length of incision is too short and the scar in this part could be more noticed. When skin is incised, then the nerve would be incised. In case that nerve would be incised, most of them would grow again, but all does not grow, and it is impossible to predict.

However, it would be thought that sensory would be lost easily compared to other incision location, but it is not really. Why? The reason is not revealed correctly, but loss of sensory is impossible to predict and it has deeper relationship with technique of surgery or size of implants (the size is bigger, the more increase the nerve, and consequently, it becomes to loss sensory.).

Every woman has bacteria in their breast tissue. These bacteria live in the skin of healthy women, and enter in to the breast through nipple.

Usually, human body is adapted to these bacteria, so it does not infected, but if big foreign substances (breast implants) is in the breast, and then bacteria can cause the problems. When implants are inserted through incision around areola, the risk to be exposed to bacteria compared to other locations is increasing. As it would be exposed to bacteria, it would be thought that the infection rate would be increased, but actually, there is no report that the infection rate was increased. Though it was not increased to implants, bacteria around implants would be major cause of capsular contracture, so if it would be incised around areola, the risk for capsular contraction would be increased.

Besides, if scar was left largely on the skin (it could be occurred without relationship with disease history for scar), area around areola is not good location to leave scar which is noticed. The scar with mark is not common, but until now, there is no sure method to predict that mark of scar would be left big to a patient.