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Name optima date 2011-11-03

In case of sagging breast, it is the method to get very good surgical result in case of specific situations such as mismatched breast, reoperation etc or accompanied deformities of chest.

However, in case that areolar diameter is less than 3cm, it is difficult to get good results.

Skin around areolar is the place which scar is not noticed well due to it is healed well, but sometimes, area around areola is tinted or secondary incision scar formed, so you come to see scar whenever you are looking your breast.

* Strengths of periareolar incision

Scar around areola is the most noticed part in the breast, but the status of scar is good, then there is no problem. However, in case that the status is not so good (it is impossible to know that the status of scar would be good or not), it becomes problems.

The thing that skin of nipple or areola is healed well is true, but if the treatment does not well, then you come to see the scar whenever you are looking your breast.

Another strength is that approach on each part of breast from the center of incision area is easy.

However, actually, specialist can approach every part of breast by securing direct view from any incision location (except for umbilical incision).

*Weaknesses of periareolar incision

In case that areola is very small, if it would be expanded to the skin of breast, then the length of incision is too short and the scar in this part could be more noticed. When skin is incised, then the nerve would be incised. In case that nerve would be incised, most of them would grow again, but all does not grow, and it is impossible to predict.

However, it would be thought that sensory would be lost easily compared to other incision location, but it is not really. Why? The reason is not revealed correctly, but loss of sensory is impossible to predict and it has deeper relationship with technique of surgery or size of implants (the size is bigger, the more increase the nerve, and consequently, it becomes to loss sensory.).

Every woman has bacteria in their breast tissue. These bacteria live in the skin of healthy women, and enter in to the breast through nipple.

Usually, human body is adapted to these bacteria, so it does not infected, but if big foreign substances (breast implants) is in the breast, and then bacteria can cause the problems. When implants are inserted through incision around areola, the risk to be exposed to bacteria compared to other locations is increasing. As it would be exposed to bacteria, it would be thought that the infection rate would be increased, but actually, there is no report that the infection rate was increased. Though it was not increased to implants, bacteria around implants would be major cause of capsular contracture, so if it would be incised around areola, the risk for capsular contraction would be increased.

Besides, if scar was left largely on the skin (it could be occurred without relationship with disease history for scar), area around areola is not good location to leave scar which is noticed. The scar with mark is not common, but until now, there is no sure method to predict that mark of scar would be left big to a patient.