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title Misunderstandings for scar of incision area
Name optima date 2011-11-03

1. Is it not a good choice of scar under the breast for the patients with very little breast tissue or none?

Not really it is. If the augmentation surgery is performed very well, then the bottom part under the breast would be folded well. If scar would be performed at the part which is folded, then the scar would be hardly noticed.

We once heard a following story from a patient. “My boy friend saw dancers without top, he saw a scar on the breast of one dancer and he told me it was terrible. I do not want that location of incision.” What is the truth of this story? Many dancers select the incision location under the breast than other incision locations. The reason that the scar was noticed was the location was not placed clearly. If a scar is formed higher than a folding line of breast, scar would be formed at the part that skin is stretched due to suppression of implants. If it would be incised at the folded part of breast, the skin of that part would not be loosed and scar would not be bigger.

The most frequent misunderstanding from doctors was that the incision under the breast should be higher than the folding line of the breast, then the scar would not be seen when arms are lifted by wearing bikini. Actually, the time that women wearing bikinis is even less 1% of the whole life. The small scar which is placed on the place that breast is folding is much better than the bigger scar which was grown because it was placed upper area. If the doctor has experiences in all incision area, then you just decide according to your wish.

2. Certain incision location is less noticed than others?

It is not true. It depends on the location to see patients, and how much is it passed after surgery (according to how scar becomes to be natural and shallower), and progress (the influence according to differences of treatment tendency of all patients is great). Regardless of location, always the thing that is less noticed is the scar which is treated well.

3. Is the short scar always better than long scar?

It is not true. The status of scar is much important than length. Compared to thin, long and shallow scar, short and ugly scar is noticed much more.

The thing that many doctors come to learn by experiences is in case to incise too short, then often they should open the incision a lot, so they come to touch the ends during surgery, this scar would be healed well, and even redder and wider frequently. The scar in good status is much better than short and ugly scar though it is little longer.

4. To incise armpit or umbilical is always better?

It is not true. Like there are strengths and weaknesses according to each incision location, axillary or umbilical incision has strengths as well as weaknesses. In addition, in cases that surgical results are very good, the incision location does not special matter to patients.

5. Certain incision location keeps the sense of breast better?

It is not true. In the past, it was believed that axillary incision kept the sense better, but with experiences for a long time, it was revealed that it was not correct always.

The things to have most powerful influences on senses are:

A. Technique of surgery

As the doctor visualized the structure directly and the bleeding is less, the risk to damage nerve is lowered.

B. Size of implants

As the implants are big, the nerve increased a lot, and the risk that the sense would be damaged is increasing.

6. Doctors are thought that a certain location is the best, so a certain location would be selected?

Not really it is. Doctors would fix the incision location according to their experiences.

If they have experiences for all incision locations, then they would inform all options to you and have consultation for the price. If a doctor has experiences to perform surgery with only one incision area, then the doctor would recommend the method to you.