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title Which implants are best
Name optima date 2011-11-03

1. To doctors, ask about the best implants

If a doctor would be asked which implants are best, then doctor usually would tell his/her opinions based on his/her experiences.

If the doctor experienced good results, he/she would like the implants, and bad results, hate the implants. If the doctor never used a certain kinds of implants before? The doctor has no opinion for it. This is not just based on experiences.

If something not good occurs, sometimes doctors blame the implants. – Sometimes it is right, but most of them are not. If opinions of a doctor are based on experiences, it is important that what the implants that the doctor used were. And it is important that how many and which period, and how long it had been observed for long term progress of patients.

Maybe patients scarcely heard that doctors accepted that their experiences are insufficient for a certain kinds of implants. Most of doctors do not tell their opinions by listing their experiences, so the one who should ask it would be the patient.

Anyone does not want to be performed by a doctor who told like this “I never have performed this surgery before, but would you mind if I would perform this surgery to you?” Do patients not know about their options which they can choose and accept the first implants recommended by doctors? But that thing happens every day. You want to listen carefully to the method recommended by doctor surely, but before making decisions, you have rights to know every option that you can choose. However, a doctor who has more experiences for implants in various kinds can give you more options to you. If a doctor would suggest more options, then the doctor can apply those options to you in reality.

2) If you ask to a patient who got breast augmentation surgery!

Most of patients who would get breast augmentation surgery would tell the implants that they used were the best.

If not, why did they use it?

If a patient told that the implants that she used were the best, and then ask her why? In addition, ask her how much does she know.

Ask her what kinds of implants that she considered. Ask her what kinds of implants were suggested by doctor. Ask her why the doctor chose the current implants. Though her choice was the best, ask her what the price was for that. Every implant requires price for it.

If there is a patient who experienced bad results, is it from that the implant was wrong? It maybe, but scarcely it is. Many factors affect results. Tissue of patient, choice of patient, technology of doctor, experiences of doctor and recovery system. These are only part of it.

It is easy to blame implants, but most of problems do not occur due to implants simply. Therefore, when you ask view for implants for your friends, you should measure the depth of opinion and consider their knowledge and your knowledge. It is not easy thing, but nothing could be a correct answer.


* Standard of Optima for best implants

1. Breast implants should be safe as much as possible.

2. Breast implants should be maintained as long as possible.

3. A certain kinds of implants could be ideal to all patients.

4. Every patients has right to know the information and choose.

* Standard of optimal implants for patients

1. What is the thing that patient wants.

2. What is the thing that skin tissue of patient can accept?

3. What is the expectation and goal for breast augmentation surgery and is there willing to accept the price for that?

With the use of implants in authority that safety is verified, it would be possible that patient can get guarantee the product after surgery.

In the present, there are numerous kinds of implants of Europe, Central and South America, China, Eastern Europe, Korea etc are providing at cheap price. Currently, by Mentor and McGhan(INAMED) which are verified by FDA for implants, so official approval from many countries such as USA, Europe, Japan etc, and it is used legally.

As for manufacturing companies of implants, until the time that implants should be exchanged, the manufacturing companies do not matter so much. However, if problems would be occurred to implants, then it would be realized how much the manufacturing company of implants is important.

Therefore, before insert implants, it is important to sure that the manufacturing company guarantees the products or not. If you do not investigate the manufacturing company before having breast augmentation surgery, then you have confidence not to regret later.