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Name optima date 2011-11-03

You should choose implants according to the goal that you want to get by surgery and what implants are suitable for you. First, you should determine what the important standard is among goals that you would gain. (Size of implants comes from all implants in various ways.)

You should determine the touch after surgery would be first, or naturalness that it is not to be noticed to get surgery by appearance or safety is important etc by yourself.

TIP. Golden rule for good results

For good results, you should fill your current skin layers enough.

If you fill the amount to make beautiful results in beauty, then it can give bad influences on results in the long term.

The implant that would be inserted to breast which is sagging and loosed skin layer is bigger compared to the breast which is small and not loosed skin layer.

In case that skin layer is less and not loosed (due to pregnancy), the implant which is inserted to get best aesthetic result would be smaller.

Though the same size of implants is inserted to different patients, the results are different.

Though it is the result due to your own choice or skin tissue, you must know which complications would be occurred in the long term.

You cannot choose the perfect one. Only human can make it better.

1. Touch

Touch is the feeling etc that is smooth and fluid (soft feeling) like breast which does not get surgery. That is, it could be easier to understand by thinking that finger is entering naturally. The tense feeling that finger does not enter stiffly is not good touch.

One part of requirement to determine touch after surgery is what the contents of implants are. Silicone gel is made of soft viscosity by itself, so it is soft and squishy when touching, and natural feeling. Next, hydro gel and double lumen are similar touch. On the contrary, saline solution implants has less touch in theoretical view, but unexpectedly, there are many patients for its touch after surgery with saline solution implants in reality.

2. Shape of breast

Generally, breast comes to make natural shape after surgery. The products to make appearance more naturally are round type implants and tear-drop type implants. It is general that round type is more natural when lying, and tear-drop type is more natural when standing. However, Asians with small breast, round type could be resulted more naturally.

3. Safety

In the present, the two products which got approval from USA FDA are saline solution bag and cohesive bag. However, saline solution bag could be less touch and has weight, and there is possibility to leak as time passes. Cohesive bag has less change of external appearance due to abrasion, so it is recommended to get MRI examination per two years to trace monitoring this.

Therefore, when implants are chose, the aesthetic goal to get by surgery is important. You should choose most proper implants after enough consultation with medical team and select the most proper surgery for you.