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11. Implants size by measuring CC(cubic centimeters) unit

One of the method to measure size of breast implants is volume of implants (amounts of filler), and this uses the unit of cubic centimeter. Do you know how much is 1 ccs? How much is 300ccs? What ccs is your breast? And what ccs is B cup? If you want to define the thing that you want as ccs, you should know answers for all these things. Part of answer of this question is “according to cases”.

If you joined the meeting of women for breast implants, you can hear the words “I did implants of 300ccs, and now it is C cup.” However, another woman answers. “How did it happen? I did implants of 300ccs, now it is D cup.” Both of them are not correct. What is that mean? Implants of certain ccs size do not guarantee a certain cup size precisely.

The frequent questions during training course for doctors are the questions that what implants of cc to make C cup. Some doctors with few experiences will answer that implants of certain ccs would be required for certain cup size always. In addition, other doctors will answer by pointing following points precisely.

2. Breast size after surgery

“Breast which was performed augmentation surgery was combined the amounts of tissue before surgery, implants and skin around breast.

Now you come to know the reason above two women who told about implants of 300cc came to have C cup and D cup. The woman came to have D cup after breast augmentation surgery had more original breast tissue than the woman who came to have C cup.

Certain number ccs of implants does not make certain cup size.

You should understand this concept surely, and your doctor should do this surely.

Consequently, breast size to have is determined due to size of implants which was inserted and size of original breast tissue of the woman.

Therefore, to have breast of C cup, the woman who has more breast tissue at first needs smaller size of implants compared to the woman who has less breast tissue.

Now, you understand the heart not to define breast size, and how it is defined. At this stage, it is good to make the details of the list of <what you want> that you made. However, before you understand the influence of breast size on your breast tissue more, there is no need to be minutely detailed. Later, you and doctor would consider the characteristics of your tissue and predict which would be possible practically. Do you have enough skin that you can gain what you want? Do you have lots of skin that more amounts would be required than what you want when it would be filled most suitably? And those additional questions in sequence would help to answer to the questions like “Is it possible that your tissue accept what you want? Then how long is it possible?”

3. Factors to affect implant size

“Which size of breast would be good?”

The answer depends on following two factors:

1) Ratio between the whole body and breast size

2) And characteristics of skin and individual breast tissue.

If balanced figure is the goal, then breast size should be balanced with height or size of hip. Skin of every woman can stretched to a certain degree, so it would be damaged if it would be stretched excessively more than that, it would be left stretch mark, the subcutaneous tissue would be tear or sagged and breast would be sagged.

At the point of view in general common sense, breast of women can be increased as the degree that it would be increased in pregnancy. Breast of most of women would increase from average one cup to one and half cup during pregnant. If breast was bigger before pregnancy, the degree to be increased during pregnancy is bigger. If it was bigger during pregnancy, breast tissue was bigger, so it would be adapted more to stretch skin. Skin which was stretched would go down to the bottom part by that breast tissue is reducing after pregnancy. If breast would be increase excessively during pregnancy, then the result is thin and sagging breast with scratch mark.

As the implants is bigger, it becomes bigger breast, and the bigger breast make the skin more stretched, and the bigger breast would be shape which is empty upper part when aging consequently.

The breast which got breast augmentation surgery might not be sagged like the breast of the same size which did not get breast augmentation surgery, but as the implants is bigger; it would be more sagged when aging.

If a doctor tells that the breast which got breast augmentation surgery would not be sagged, then find another doctor who understands the function of tissue.

4) Determine proper implants size

What is ideal filling to various skins of women respectively? If you were pregnant, the skin was stretched already. Imagine that liquid is pouring into inner part of breast though funnel (picture A). If skin is stretched already, the liquid would start to fill the bottom part first. As the liquid is adding continuously, the upper pat would make natural slope and the whole breast would be seen naturally and filled at a certain time (picture B). And if more liquid would be added, then upper breast would be lifted to external part and it would be filled excessively.

The precise same principle is applied to breast augmentation surgery. To get best beautiful surgery, proper filler (size of implants) would be inserted to fill the skin properly. If the upper breast want bulging breast, more filler (bigger implants) would be required. However, the bigger implants cause the more loosed skin and as time passes, the breast would be more sagged.

Which degree would be enough? When the best result for a long time is the goal, it should be filled to make ideal and natural external line to current skin (picture B). If it would be filled more than this point, the probability that breast is sagging as time passes would be increased and the quality of result would be decreased (picture c). In case of woman who did not being pregnant, doctor should predict the degree that would be increased generally during pregnancy, and discern the characteristic of breast tissue of each woman.

If too much big implants than your skin can support would be selected, the implants cause irreversible change of tissue and dissatisfied result, and it brings reoperation like (picture C). You should remember that the size of breast that you choose has influence for a long term.