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title Side effects due to big size
Name optima date 2011-11-03

“Important thing is regardless of choice according to characteristics of your tissue or your choice, you should have information for the things that would be happened after long time passed after surgery, and you should know this, too.”

1) Having breast which is too much big

Now we came to know the balance between the price to pay for what we want and to have it during lifetime. If you are like Janet, but you want big breast like women of Baywatch? Women in Baywatch have very big and round breast which upper part is bulging without wearing clothes. You with tight skin can get very big implants which are big, round and upper part is bulging.

It could be possible. If you can afford it and find a doctor who would perform surgery when you explain it, it could be guaranteed. This means, that you can find a doctor who will do that but the doctor has problem to guarantee the surgery.

Now, let’s suppose that you have breast of Baywatch. You will be satisfied and the person who is in special relationship would be like it and most of men will look your breast not your eyes when they are talking with you, so it is sure that they would like it. Now what is the thing that you come to have? What do you expect which phenomenon would be appeared to your too big breast as time passes.

2) Change of breast due to big implants

This is not a difficult question. Just think what the big breast would be like. As time passes, skin cannot support the weight of breast properly and be sagged. As for implants, it would be less sagged than the original big breast would be sagged.

However, it would be sagged. The weight of implants makes skin loosed and is thin. As the skin thinner, the breast becomes to be more sagged. The weight of implants pulls skin and dent which is seen in the eye would be formed somewhere of upper part of breast or around of breast. If you need reoperation due to sagging or dent, what doctor should do? To perform surgery to the tissue in not good status cause not good results and consequently, more problems would be occurred. You asked that and now that you came to have it, what is the thing that you gain?

Is this the meaning that any women do not have bigger implants? Not really. Sometimes, bigger implants are necessary to fill the skin of the women properly. Some women just want to have bigger breast and implants, and they have the rights to do, but as time passes, they should know what will happen in advance.