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title Truth for breast size
Name optima date 2011-11-03

There are several methods to define breast size, but they are not correct that we believe it. First, let’s investigate not to do when we are defining the breast that you want.

1) Cup size?

Cup size is not consistent shape measuring method, so from now on; let’s use medical term which can define breast size precisely and continuously.

However, cup size is the general determine standard used by women. A woman who purchased bra, she would know that B is not B. Though it was marked that it is same size on the label, something is well matched and something is not well matched. According to label, as for some women, there are cases that B cup is more proper than C cup wore usually. Check your drawer. How many sizes do you have?

Often we heard “I am A cup but I want to be B cup.” Our answer for that is simple. What is A cup and what is B cup? Please buy us a bra of A cup or B cup. If you cannot define it, you cannot buy a bra marked like that. Then how a doctor can make it?

Measuring method bra and cup size

- Bottom bust size is the size of bra and difference between bust size and bottom bust size is cup size.

- Bottom bust size is measured right under the part of breast, and bust size is measured in the center of the highest part of breast, that is nipple.

- If the difference between bust size and bottom bust size is about 7.5cm, it is A cup, and about 10cm, it is B cup, and about 12.5cm, it is C cup.

- In a case of sagging breast, it is measured by pulling up breast to the right position, and in case of small breast, it is important to check the status and position of breast precisely. If there is flesh to get out of cup by wearing bra, then it is considered that it is not your size.

2. Cup size is very different and inconsistent according to brand.

You know that cup size is not consistent when you buy your bra already, why do you rely on cup size to tell breast size in want to doctor?

There are consistent measuring methods of each company, so it is impossible to define cup size precisely. If a doctor guarantees cup size to you, then it means that the doctor is which kind of doctor he/she is. How can he/she make it which is impossible to define consistently?

How can we use cup size? There is no intention to use cup size as general guideline, but it would be the only general guideline that you know, you should never use this to order or make. Except for the time to define what you want, doctor would not mention about the cup size.

Instead, we always ask questions to patients as follows: What was your cup size in pregnancy? Was it biggest in pregnancy? If you did breast feeding after pregnancy, what was your cup size in breast feeding? What was not? How do you want it to be? If cup size is not consistent measuring method, why we ask these questions?

Through answers for these questions, it is possible to know clearly how patient understand about her breast, and it could be define the whole skin size of patient through measurement precisely.

To know that how patient thinks about herself (through questions and answers) and how actually she is (through measurement) helps to understand what is expectation of patient or does her want.

However, never define what she wants due to cup size only.

3. Many women do not buy bra which is fit for their breasts – story of doctor Tebeth

As a plastic surgery doctor, first several years, I was embarrassed that kinds and size of bra of patients are various for it seems similar to see and almost similar from the examination. The more monumental day to me was the day that I found that women do not buy bra which is fit for their breast.

Most of women buy bra which is thought that it looked best by pushing their breast tissue. They have no need to buy bra for their breast surely. Women buy bra which is filled to their breasts. What is this mean?

Women buy bra which can push tissue to make the shape what they want especially. They do not need to buy bra which is fit for their breasts.

As area of breast is increasing, then cup size is increasing. However, according to measurement, women with area of D cup often say that they are B cup, the real meaning is that they are wearing bra of B cup. One day, I asked a patient to wear bra and examined. B cup bra is not enough to cover the bottom of breast. Breast was wider and the area seemed D cup. The bra that she bought was much smaller than the area of her breast. When she wore bra, she pushed her escaped breast to outside into inner part of bra which is smaller than area of breast by bending her body front. It seemed like that it was lit up in my head. And I understood.

The reason that buy bra of B cup which is smaller than breast is that there is no enough breast to fill in it. To pull the breast of outside into bra make that breast filled in bra and bulging by gathering upper part of breast to the center. It forms more breast valley. After that day, I came to have a thought about cup size, and rely on measuring method whenever recording size of breast to chart.