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Name optima date 2011-11-03

1. Strengths and weaknesses on the muscle

A. Strengths on the muscle

01. More delicate control of breast valley: gap between breasts

02. Delicate control of upper part of breast : especially it make the upper part to the center of the whole breast

03. The probability to shove implants to outside would be lowered and the gap between breasts would be wider due to muscle as time passes.

04. The probability that shape of breast would be distorted when breast muscle is shrinking is low

B. Weaknesses on the muscle

01. If the patient is thin, then boundary of implants could be seen artificially and would be seen or felt easily.

02. It could be hard to examine breast cancer.


The purpose of breast augmentation surgery is to make beautiful breast. Implants give suppression to breast tissue and fill skin, so help the shape of breast would be beautiful by making shape of breast.

As implants are closer to breast tissue, the shape is making better and more precise and it is easy to predict results. Implants which are located to upper part of breast muscle (under the breast tissue) are easier to predict and control the shape of breast. When implants are inserted between breast tissue and muscle, more perfect result is appeared aesthetically. However, it does not mean that every implant should be place between breast tissue and muscle.

2. Strengths and weaknesses under the muscle

A. Strengths under the muscle

01. When implants are inserted under the muscle, boundary of implants is not seen and it makes natural feeling as it is.

02. It has lower risk of capsular contracture than implants are inserted on the muscle. Especially, it has more differences from silicone gel implants, and it has similar risk degree from saline solution implants.

03. It hinders screening breast cancer less.

More doctors think that implants are behind the muscle, it would be more precise.

B. Weaknesses under the muscle

01. The shape of breast would be distorted when breast muscle is shrunk.

This is appeared differently per each patient and it is hard to predict.

02. As time passes, implants move to both sides and the gap between both breasts would be widening. This is appeared pretty differently according to patients, but it is more serious as the tissue is thinner, and breast muscle is thicker or the implants are bigger.

03. It is difficult to control richness of upper part of breast, especially, the part toward central from the upper part of breast.

In spite of strengths on the muscle, why implants are inserted under the muscle? There is surprising reason for it.

Because it is possible to cover with tissue not to be seen the boundary of implants.

If you are thin, but implants are inserted under the bottom of breast tissue only, then it has very high possibility to feel that the boundary of implant would be seen or felt.

One of the most important principles of breast augmentation surgery is that it should be possible to cover implants with soft breast tissue. If you are too thin, then it would be put whether there is enough breast tissue to cover implants or not before than all benefits brought by the location between breast tissue and muscle.


Wrong common senses for muscle and implants


  1. It is possible to insert under the muscle.

It is not true.

Whether implants are on or under the muscle, capsular contracture could be occurred. Silicone gel implants show sure differences whether it is on or under the muscle.


  1. It supports implants by inserting under the muscle.

It is not true.

This logic is that breast muscle which is cling to the ribs (which is close to the bottom of the breast) supports the implants is acting like a rubber band, actually, if the clinging part is staying without change just as it is, then two problems would be occurring.

: The gap between breasts would be widening by pushing up implants on the breast (movements to make upper part of breast bulging seriously) and pushing out implants to the sides of breast.


  1. It is not good to insert on the muscle.

It is not true.

Actually, if soft tissue to cover implants is sufficient, insertion on the muscle is easy that a doctor can control the degree to fill or shape of breast.


  1. It is not good to insert under the muscle.

It is not true. In case that the pinched tissue (on the breast tissue) is less than 2cm, it is always better to insert under the muscle.