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title Massage and treatment of capsular contracture
Name optima date 2011-11-03

Prepared project for perfect beauty

Professional management system after surgery

From consultation before surgery, process of surgery to after surgery, through regular follow-up monitoring and breast management by through aesthetic and special nurse for outpatients, the beauty and confidence of woman would be kept more safely.

By doing breast management

1 Promoting circulation of blood or lymph

2 Increasing resistance by making prosperous metabolism

3 Promoting recovery of damaged nerves

4 Preventing contracture phenomenon or creating early capsula

5 Effective to make natural and beautiful shapes

※ Breast management after surgery is free for three times.

1. Preparation of capsular contracture - Massage

Among women who are considering breast augmentation surgery, there are many cases to have inquiries whether massage is essential after breast augmentation surgery or not. In addition, the contents for massage period and methods are different per each hospital. However, the important thing is that massage has considerable effect among the methods to prevent capsular contracture after breast augmentation surgery. If a woman who does not want hardened breast, the satisfaction degree or result after surgery could be different according to how does massage diligently and regularly after augmentation surgery. By theory, in case that the surface shape of implants is textured, bumps play the blade of a knife, so there is no need to do massage, but this is foreign substances, so massage would be required according to status of patients.

In addition, massage has effect on making beautiful shape and natural space. Therefore, doing massage to rub down like unwinding lumps by holding breast about 15 ~30 minutes every day makes natural shape of breast.

At this time, you can feel weak pain when doing massage until two weeks after surgery. Usually, you should continuous massage not to be hardened for 3~6 months, and the shape would be formed by wearing well-matched bra for three months after surgery.

2. Treatment of capsular contracture

1) Massage by doctor under anesthesia

It could be cases the method of massage which was done by patients in existence incorrectly, and if capsular contracture was formed due to this, then capsular contracture could be healed by precise healing massage of doctor.

2) Method to use ultrasonic waves

It is the method to release hardened breast stiffly by using ultrasonic waves.

3) Method to tear capsule which was formed due to surgery

Capsular contracture after breast surgery is formed solid room around implants, it is the method to heal capsular contracture by tearing formed capsule like this and managing such as massage etc again.

4) Removal of implants

In case to heal with existing method, it is the method to remove implants through enough consultation and consideration between specialist and patient.