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Hardness/ Breakaway/ Size/ Change of Shape/ Want bigger size/ Asymmetry/ Complications

1. Too much hardness (capsular contracture)

Usually, capsular contracture would be occurred within six months to one year after surgery. If one breast is hardened noticeably than another, contact the doctor. The best treatment is put implants again after removing the sagging capsula completely, you have no option but the same physical response does not appear. However, if responses are appeared again, then it is recommended to remove both of implants rather does surgery continuously.

2. Breakaway

If implants are breakaway from the place which was purposed a lot, then correction is very difficult. To place the location of implants, the space to inset would be blocked. It is easy to hear, but it is not easy thing to block the inserting space continuously to prevent re-breakaway.

As implants are bigger, as the tissue is thinner, it is difficult to do long term correction. Therefore, not to make problems by selecting too much implants.

3. Changes of size or shape

Sudden changes of size means that implants were leaked or ruptured. In this case, implants should be replaced.

Sudden changes of shape means that space to insert implants was blocked or capsula affected shapes and location by suppressing implants. The treatment method is to remove capsula partially or completely and insert implants again.

4. In case to want bigger size

Many patients want bigger implants when they applied the current implants due to increase of tissue.

There are few patients who are considering results in case to insert bigger implants.

To insert big implants do not keep the richness of upper part of breast. As time passes and getting aged, the skin of bottom part of breast would be loosed and richness of upper part would be disappeared surely.

As implants are bigger, breast would be sagging faster and more, boundary of implants is seen or wrinkle which is formed by folding or pulling is seen and breast tissue is making thinner, and other risks of surgical complications are increasing.

Are there values to do? By deep considering, it is better to be balanced than made bigger.

Every doctor comes to listen to these requirements from patients after breast augmentation surgery. Maybe, this seems to be from logic that “If this would be good, and then it would be better if it gets bigger.” These women maybe feel that their breasts become smaller during the process that upper part of breast which was bulging seriously becomes smaller and redistributing to bottom part. This problem does not solve by inserting bigger implants. Only, this movement causes new curiosity and problems only. Which degree would be enough? How can this be solved? Do I accept new risk to all risks that I bear from the first surgery? You should remember that big implants have bigger problems.

5. Asymmetry of both sides

The thing that size is different is normal. Like all other women do….

Do not cling to minute differences of shape or size. It could be stranger rather.

Both sides are always different. No doctor can make both parts of breast same. Even do not expect that. If they are similar, it is great with that. This means that your breast comes to have differences of shape and size of both breasts like ordinary women.

Do not fall into a trap that the solution when one breast is smaller is easy. The trap that it would be possible to put implants or filler more to the smaller breast. It is not that easy. Smaller breast has less skin, so if more filler would be put, then the upper breast would be bulging forever. The difference of shape of upper part of breast is noticed more than difference of size.

6. Complications – The time to stop

It is mentioned several times already, but I should emphasize this again. Though any implants would be inserted, most of patients do not have problems. However, to some patients, many problems would be occurred; most of these were results of decision which were made by doctor and patient.

Sometimes worse things would be happened than removing or replacing implants. Serious problems would be occurred continuously or it comes to never satisfied to breast, the most reasonable solution is to remove implants. Among serious problems of implants examined, there were over 90% of cases which were possible to avoid if one of patients or doctors suggested stopping and removing. At first, right decision was made when selecting implants, there is nothing that the breast is seemed worse than in pregnancy.