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title Notice after surgery
Name optima date 2011-11-03

Notice to keep surely

01. Due to oxygen tube which is used under anesthesia, neck could be painful a little. However, with lots of coughing, let the phlegm in the lung should be removed quickly, then the recovery would be fast. (Clearing throat activates lung function.)

02. Neck should not be dried by using humidifier.

03. Do abdominal breathing. It relieves tension of breast muscle and helps to relax of pain.

04. In case that has serious pain after leaving hospital, you should take the medicine from the hospital before getting sleep.

05. The next day after surgery, visit hospital for the progress.

06. For one week after surgery, take it easy.

07. About four days after surgery, start to wear elastic band on the breast and keep wearing for six weeks.

 (During sleep, must wear. Wearing for 24 hours is principle.)

08. About 4~5 days after surgery, you should visit the hospital for treatment and anti-biotic injection.

09. Taking a shower or light bath is possible after seven days, and after one week after surgery, suture would be removed.

The things not to do after surgery

01. About 48 hours after surgery, it is good to not use arms by force.

02. It could be itch a little while the surgical parts are recovering, at this time, never scratch or rub. The surgical parts could be changes or untied.

03. Alcoholic beverage and cigarette could induce inflammation, so it should be prohibited for about 2~3 weeks.

04. As for steaming, sauna, aggressive exercise can expand blood vessel and cause bleeding, and change the surgical shape, so it should be careful for three weeks.

05. Avoid acts that make pulse rapidly like aerobics.

Walking is possible but it is not good walking fast.

06. For two weeks, it should be avoid putting up heavy things (things more than 13~18kg) or pull severely.

07. Do not take painkiller too much. It could cause constipation.

08. Whatever the thing that doctor prohibits must not do.

Hot Issue Painkiller Vs. Recovery

1. Painkiller is like a double-edged sword.

The less use, the better it is. It is necessary for rest, but it could interrupt recovery.

2. The general three side effects of painkiller is drowsiness, nausea, and constipation.

When drowsiness, nausea, and constipation occur, it comes to that nothing moves.

3. If it does not moves, recovery takes more time and becomes more difficult.

To move does not mean like moving like a sportsman.

Just keep your daily life continuously.

4. Before taking painkiller, you should eat – whatever..

Painkiller removes inconveniences surely, but it could bring side effect that can interrupt recovery. As it is strong painkiller, it has good effects of cooling down, but side effects get worse. The most important to recover quickly is not to take painkiller but to move as much as possible. The effective method is to take painkiller to obtund inconvenience (pain) at first. If you can move, it would be better, and you become need to less painkiller.

Though any painkiller, it could be nausea by taking it in empty stomach. Many patients told that they have allergies to codein or Demerol; the most allergic responses are nausea. However, nausea is not allergic response. As strong painkiller, nausea is worse and if it is taken in empty stomach, it is worse.

Painkiller is very easy to be habitual. Especially, if you want strong and soporific painkiller, it solves problems but it comes to make another problem. Current surgical technology, it is not necessary for codein or stronger painkiller than it. 90% of patients take codein or painkiller in the level of it about 48~72 hours after surgery, but after then, they take Tylenol etc. About 50% do not take painkiller after 48 hours after surgery. If it would be necessary more than this for the people who are sensitive to pain, but strong soporific painkiller does not necessary. There are numerous patients who are addicted to strong painkillers by taking strong painkillers such as Demerol, Tylenol, bellium etc about seven days, so it needs to pay attention.