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title Difference of convalescence
Name optima date 2011-11-03

To get breast augmentation surgery and recover is different from to prepare surgery. During preparation, there are many things to give changes for surgery, but during convalescences, body does it by itself. Only, do not expect that it would be recover fast and not to hinder the automatic recovery mechanism. If you understand the reasons not to do and to do, and which is normal and which things would be happened, your recovery would be easy.

If surgery performed well and you are following the direction, the recovery would be faster.

90% of our patients come to almost of daily life after about three days.

The progress to recover is different from each patient? Sometimes it does, but not really. However, answers are different from each patient and doctor. If you understand the reasons of differences of recovery, then every progress would be easier.

1. Difference of patients

Patience for pain, surgical motivation and ability to follow direction etc affect recovery. If you have positive attitude and follow the direction well, then you would be recovered soon.

You body and breast tissue is different from other patients. As skin of breast is firmer, more surgical operation would be necessary, and surgical method is determined according to that tissue is firm or sensitive. Everyone has firm and sensitive area, but according to the amounts, which would be necessary for tissue would be determined.

Generally, if you were pregnant before surgery, your tissue is increased already, and before long, you come to feel stretch less. However, you were not pregnant or have firm skin then you come to feel stretch for longer time.

Some patients feel less inconveniences (pain) compared to others and some moves well though there is inconveniences (pain) after surgery. In addition, some follow direction more.

2. Difference of doctor

Doctor cannot change the subject to perform surgery.

However, the one who performs surgery to affect recovery is doctor. As tissue has less damage, it is easy to recover and fast.

In case that implants should be inserted under the muscle to cover implants sufficiently for your tissue is thin, then you come to have sensitive tissue more compared to patient who inserted implants on the muscle. However, this is inconveniences during very short time compared to reduce risks of capsular contracture and not to be seen boundary of implants. If doctor uses dull incision, there are high possibilities to have inconveniences due to sensitivity and hemovac line for several days.

As doctor expects that recovery is easier, there are fewer things to keep after surgery.

As treatment in operating room is done well, burden after surgery would be less.

According to doctor, direction after surgery has lots of differences. The most important thing is to follow the directions of doctor well. Doctor is the person who performed surgery directly, and due to this, the doctor knows what should do and not to do after surgery.

Do not think about surgery too much ahead. Follow the directions of doctor.

Do not imitate friends who would get other surgery after surgery.

In conversation with some women who got breast augmentation surgery, you come to know that there are considerable differences during convalescence progress. If your doctor gave simple directions compared to others, it is so thankful thing. Because the doctor might do more treatments to recover easier and shorter in surgery. Though other patients told you not to lift your arm or lift a child or not to do drive, but your doctor told that it is okay, then you can do that. The doctor performed surgery that you can lift your arm. On the contrary, the doctor told you not to do, and then there are reasons, so you should follow directions.

3. Difference of staffs

Staffs who perform surgery are the people who are working with doctor together. Their goal is to make your recovery fast and easy, so it is important to follow their directions and advices, too. Therefore, you should listen carefully to the questions and directions of people who examine. Staffs will help you to recover fast with most appropriate method by listening to your words. As more staffs knows, they will give you proper answers and give you most necessary advices. If there are uncertain things a little in conversation with staff, then you ask the doctor directly or make an appointment to meet the doctor.