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title Normal convalescence process
Name optima date 2011-11-03

Normal convalescence process which is easy to delude as side effects

1. Both of breasts are not same. Both of breasts would have different size and shape, and change every day.

2. Too high.

3. Too big.

4. Too stretched.

5. Too swollen.

6. Too hard.

7. Sounds are hearing in the breast.

8. It does not move.

9. There is no sense or too sensitive and comes to have strange feeling.

10. It feels like a basketball, so it is impossible to bend.

11. The waist is disappeared.

12. It takes three months to feel that it is like my breast.

Abnormal convalescence process- make a contact with doctor!

1. In case to have fever more than 39 degree or feel chill with fever

2. In case that one breast is too much bigger than another breast

3. In case that one breast has bruise much seriously than another breast

4. Red color or sensitivity of breast is noticed

5. After three days after surgery, something is come from surgical area

6. Serious inconveniences

7. Difficulty in breasting

8. Abnormal symptoms that doctor told that you must contact

If you can predict which is normal, then you would be less worried.

If you know more and worry less, then recovery is much easier.

If you worry something, then check it in advance with following check list. The things in the list are normal symptoms of breast augmentation surgery. Think that symptoms would be kept for six weeks after surgery. If those symptoms would be disappeared before that, it is amazing.

Both of breasts never are same. It did when god made us, and doctor cannot make it same. After surgery, one breast would be more swelling than another, so the difference would be bigger. However, that is normal. If breast is too big and high and stiff, and strange for swelling, that is normal. Until yesterday, remember that there were not so many things filled in your breast. Until you would be adapted to the stretching of skin layer, it would take time and until then, you would feel these feelings.

After surgery, whether there is hemovac line or not, some body fluid would be formed in the space that implants were inserted. It would be possible that there would be sounds that liquid is moving about one ~ two weeks after surgery by combining some air and body fluid which are left in surgery, so do not worry. As time passes, all these things would be absorbed automatically.

As implants are matched tightly to skin, usually, breast does not move. However, it comes to move as skin looses.

As implants are bigger and skin is firmer, nerves come to be increased, so senses are more stimulated. Usually, as nervous increases, unpredictable and different responses would be appeared to every person regardless surgical method such as that sense would be dull or very sensitive, or sends strange feeling to brain etc. To change sense, it takes very long time and rarely, there are cases to take two years. Mostly, about one year or longer than that would be taken to change sense of patients. However, some patients do not feel matters at all the change of sense. It is impossible to predict.

About three months passed, amazing moment arrives. Most of patients come to feel implants as a part of normal physical body about at that time, and expression that is my breast naturally. The reason that amazing moment arrives after three months is due to that the time that tissue takes three months to come back normal status not to feel differences.